PMVA – Preventing and Managing Violence and Aggression

Accredited Level 2 NFPS Award in Preventing and Managing Violence and Aggression (PMVA)

Who’s it aimed at?

Preventing and Managing Violence and Aggression (PMVA) is aimed at Medical Professionals and Health Care Workers and comprises conflict resolution, breakaway, physical restraint and physical interventions.

Every course is tailored to your industry to ensure we meet your individual requirements, the course content is relevant to your delegates and is contextually appropriate.

Where does the course take place and how many delegates can I send:

We can come to you and run the course in your venue. The course is suitable for up to 12 delegates; this smaller group size means we can dedicate more attention to your team members.  Please call us to discuss the best options for you.

We also run courses around the country that may be suitable if you only have a few delegates that require training. Please contact us to register your interest and we shall get back to you with details of the next events.

Course Structure:

Day 1

  • Health and Safety at Work Legislation
  • Basic Law
  • Non-Harmful Methods of Control – Session 1 Standing Restraint: Holding Escorting & Restraining
  • Children’s and / Vulnerable Adults Legislation
  • Non-Harmful Methods of Control – Session 2: Sitting and Kneeling Restraint, Managing Kicking and De-Escalation
  • Low Level Dynamic Scenario Training

Day 2

  • Human Rights Legislation (Discuss issue of more restrictive methods of control)
  • Restrictive Methods of Control
  • Teamwork: Contact & Cover
  • Medium Level Dynamic Scenario Training
  • Distraction & Breakaway Training
  • Positional Asphyxia (Risk of Death during Restraint & Controlled Take-up and Down)
  • Course Summary and Wash Up

One Day PMVA Refresher Training


PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression) training helps to reduce the risks of violence and aggression by developing staff knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively manage incidents from various groups, for example from patients or residents to staff, from visitors to staff. This course is accredited by NFPS (National Federation of Personal Safety) and accepted throughout many NHS trusts.  All our trainers are NFPS trained.  Delegates will need to show evidence they have done PMVA training in the past 12 months before they will be allowed on the refresher course.

The delegates will learn how a simple technique can create an opportunity to escape to a place of safety.


  • The Laws governing PMVA
  • Health and Safety
  • Positional Asphyxia
  • Risk Assessments
  • Low Level Breakaway Techniques
  • High Level Breakaway Techniques
  • Non-Harmful Restraint Techniques (Demonstration and Practice)
  • Non-Harmful Restraint Techniques (Practical Assessment)
  • Restrictive Techniques (Demonstration and Practice)
  • Restrictive Techniques (Practical Assessment)
  • Application of Manual Handling techniques
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Debriefing
  • Q&A
  • Course Summary and Evaluation

On completion delegates will learn how to safely apply appropriate non-restrictive or restrictive physical interventions. The delegates will have an insight of how these techniques can be effective in managing physical interventions. 

Contact us

Please fill in your details below if you would like us to get in touch with you to discuss our PMVA course:

PMVA Preventing and Management of Violence and Aggression

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