Conflict Management

Accredited Level 2 NFPS Award in Conflict Management

Who’s it aimed at?

The Accredited Level 2 NFPS Award in Conflict Management is for those who work in any sector where they may find themselves in confrontational situations with customers, service users or members of the public, in particular the public services sectors.

This course gives learners the opportunity to:

  • Develop knowledge related to managing and defusing conflict situations
  • Achieve a nationally-recognised Level 2 qualification
  • Develop their own personal growth and engagement in learning

Every course is tailored to your industry to ensure we meet your individual requirements, the course content is relevant to your delegates and is contextually appropriate.

Where does the course take place and how many delegates can I send:

We can come to you and run the course in your venue. The course is suitable for up to 20 delegates but if you require more, please call us to discuss the best options for you.

We also run courses around the country that may be suitable if you only have a few delegates that require training. Please contact us to register your interest and we shall get back to you with details of the next events.

Course objectives:

Delegates who participate in this course will:

  • Understand how good communication can be used to reduce the likelihood of conflict
  • Understand the importance of viewing a situation from the customer’s perspective
  • Use strategies that can be used to solve problems
  • Recognise the factors that can trigger an angry response in others
  • Implement a dynamic risk assessment to a conflict situation
  • Identify the stages of escalation in conflict situations
  • State the importance of following employer policies and guidance in conflict situations
  • Know how to use non-verbal communications in emotive situations
  • Identify how to work with colleagues to de-escalate conflict situations
  • Understand the importance exit routes and space when dealing with an angry person
  • Identify the benefits of reflecting on and learning from conflict situations
  • Understand the benefit of sharing good practice and contributing to solutions to recurring problems
  • Understand the importance of help and support following an incident
  • Describe the reasons that can cause conflict
  • Describe two forms of communication
  • Explain three examples of communication models that can assist conflict
  • Understand the different warning signs
  • Describe the use of distance when dealing with conflict
  • Describe different methods for dealing with possible conflict situations

Key skills covered:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Recognising warning signs
  • Cultural awareness
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Practical Win – Win Solutions

Course outcomes

At the end of the course, attendees will:

  • Be more confident about dealing with aggression
  • Recognise the triggers that can cause an aggressive situation
  • Understand that defusing and de-escalating situations are by far the best way of dealing with a potentially aggressive situation
  • Understand the importance of help and support following an incident

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Conflict Management

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