Welcome to CTC Professionals – Cross Training & Compliance

We are experts in PMVA (Preventing and Managing Violence and Aggression), Conflict Management, First Aid & First Aid at Work Training along with Medical Recruitment Compliance including delivery of the required Level 2 Basic Life Support & Manual Handling Training.

We have been involved in the teaching and training of adults for over thirty years. We now specialise in teaching Conflict Management and Preventing and Managing Violence and Aggression (PMVA) to the medical profession, health care and public sectors.

We also teach Level 2 Basic Life Support, Manual Handling and English as a Foreign Language.

We are  members of, and trained by, The National Federation for Personal Safety (N.F.P.S.) and comply with their very high standards of safety and training throughout the courses.

PMVA Preventing and Management of Violence and Aggression
First Aid Training
First Aid & First Aid at Work Training
Conflict Management
Conflict Management
Medical Compliance
Medical Recruitment Compliance & BLS

Terence Cross: Proprietor and Lead Trainer



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